About us

  1. October We founded the company
    October Participated in a trade training action with Japan.
    October Admitted to AICEP.
    November First product (Olive Oil) and Markets (Morocco) prospects.

  2. January Developed our first labels and brand images.
    January First Olive Oil acquired (Monte do Formiga).
    February First Export.
    March Organized the company’s accounts.
    May Registered at the Wine and Vinery Institute (IP).
    July Acquirred the Semilla win.
    August Registered at the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission.
    September Acquirred the Monte do Formiga Organic Wine.
    December Admitted into the Luso-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  3. January Admitted to the Luso-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
    January Acquired new Olive Oils.
    February Registerred the “Monte do Formiga” brand.
    February Founded the Spinoff company Surprise Again.
    August Acquired Rua das Maravilhas: Alísio wine.
    September Signing of a representation contract in Germany.
    December First sales operation in Portugal.

  4. January Wine Acquisition Rua das Maravilhas: Rubicundo.
    January Participated in the I national heliciculture congress.
    February Prospected snail farmers and acquired snails.
    February Registered the “Rua das Maravilhas” brand.
    March Signing of a representation contract in Brazil.
    June Signed a contract with Sativa © acquiring the ability to label organic products.
    July Compiled the company’s first catalogue.
    September Sponsored the S.Miguel Rugby Club Beach Rugby Team.
    November First sample showing in Cabo Verde.
    December Acquired the biologic wine Rua das Maravilhas.

  5. January Began a collaboration with Reactivart ©.
    March Training in Essential Oil analysis and production.
    April Sent first samples to Denmark.
    May Began a commercial relationship with Kazakhstan.
    May First export to Brazil.
    June Sponsored the São Miguel Rugby Club.
    September First version of SEGU Exports website
    September Training session in the olive oil, initiating tasting course level II.
    November Surveyed new wines.

  6. February Signing of a representation contract in Denmark.
    April Acquired Rua das Maravilhas honey.
    May First export operation to Denmark.
    June Acquired the Monte do Formiga honey.

Shaping of the Company - SEGU Exports, Inc.

Is an enterprise comprised of two partners, sharing the social goal of trading, exporting and importing food and beverage-related products.
Was founded in 2013 from the deliberate intention of leveraging its founders’ specific skills in order to spread typically Portuguese agricultural, agroindustry and farm/fishing related products.
Has sought to develop their know-how in the food and logistic market, especially given its specialization of its elements and collaborators, with the goal of consolidating it's export activity.
Takes on the trade of agricultural commodities through narrow commercial relationships as well as negotiation partnerships as it's core business, tending to grow in it's operating areas and striving to become an example of credibility and quality exports.
Prevails through an extensive plethora of products, distributed through diverse ranges and delivery means, while leveraging an extensive contact network.

Our Mission

To promote the Portuguese agro-industry.
To respond our acting market’s needs.
To innovate types, modes and formats of exported Portuguese foodstuff.
To value the intercultural relations established by Portuguese ancestors.
To assure confidence in quality.
To build bridges and commercial routes.
To shorten distances.


• To be an international landmark in the Portuguese agroindustry market.
• To build unquestionable credibility with our costumers.
• To establish ourselves across the globe.


• Ethics and transparency, ensuring our products’ unique quality as well as their availability to answer all needs.
• Trust in their commercial partners, bearing good practices, planning and improving entrepreneurial relations.
• The benefits from consuming our products: Nutritional, organoleptic and economic; The progressive inclusion of healthier products as well as the organic options.
• The Environment’s protection avoiding the overuse of natural resources in all our actions.
• Social causes, intending to actively contribute to the envolving community.
• Leisure and culture, seeking to endorse them in the scope of its functioning.
• Joviality, master-key to our foundation.


• Agency of Foreign Investment and Trading (AICEP).
• National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, since 2013.
• We are an associate-member of Luso-Chinese and Luso-Japanese Chambers of Commerce and Industry
• We are associated to SATIVA © for the certification of organic products.
• GreenEra.
• International Club of Portugal

Social Activities

• Sponsored the São Miguel Rugby Club during the 2015-2016 season.
• Sponsored the São Miguel Rugby Club Beach Rugby team as it's main sponsor, with the team having won the respective National Championship.

Share Capital

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